As soon as you contact us a project manager specialized in fire and flood restoration will be assigned to you and will be on site as soon as possible.Our project manager will take charge of the situation and will deal directly with your insurance and if any emergency work needs to be done he will ensure that it is to avoid any further damage to your home or business

Whether it is flood or fire we have the tools and know how to ensure the job is done right.

Using a database in direct contact with the insurance company we are able to download all information to expedite the wait time.

This will speed up the project and we will get you the answers you want!

Once everything is accepted with your insurance our project manager will walk you through the file step by step from the time line of the work to what material needs to be picked.

Gestion sinistre prides its self on keeping a clean and tidy work site because our work site is your home! We use dust prevention techniques by setting up dust barriers and we leave our jobs with a final construction clean up.

Gestion sinistre is a full licensed company which is an official supplier for many insurance companies. When your insurance company asks if you have your contractor tell them Yes! Tell them you have Gestion sinistre!!!